Past Projects

You can find a list of final shorts from past semesters here!

The most recent projects have their assets and resources publicly available for you to download and use as a reference.

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In addition to regular lectures, labs, and office hours, we may have guest speakers from the film, game, or VFX industries.

Everything will be posted on the class calendar here.

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About Our Class

CNM 190: Advanced Digital Animation is a year-long course offered at UC Berkeley which is targeted at students with backgrounds in art, film, or computer science who intend to work in the visual effects, animation, and entertainment industries.

It will build upon students' knowlege from related courses to guide them through the digital animation production process in an environment similar to industry production houses. We will survey many advanced topics and allow students to focus on a subset they find interesting while collaborating with their team to develop a 30-second animation piece.

Our class will be held MWF 1:00PM-3:00PM PST via Zoom.


The final grades for CNM190 break down as follows:

  • Weekly Homework Assignments: 25%
  • Participation in Critiques: 25%
  • Meeting Deadlines throughout the Semester: 25%
  • Confidential Peer Evaluations: 25%

In addition, the final group deliverable can bump everyone in the group up or down a +/- level. Feedback (including current grades) will be provided mid-semester.

Required Software

free for Berkeley students (click the links below)

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UCBUGG (UC Berkeley Undergraduate Graphics Group) is the student-taught class at UC Berkeley which serves as the unoffical prerequisite for this class.

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